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    Womens Dresses

    WOMEN'S DRESSES ONLINE – Why no ladies can live without one?

    Wonder how women’s dresses come to this world? Discover the history of and popular kinds of outfit in this category right in this article.One of the prominent designers of the fashion world, once said: "Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it". You see that refers to women’s dresses. What did you know about this iconic outfit for the ladies? Let's explore.

    Women’s Dresses - The indispensable outfit of a woman

    Clothes have long been inseparable from a woman. Indeed, they can sit for hours in front of a phone or computer to learn about a recent fashion trend or simply to choose to buy a dress.Why? It is one of the mysteries without humanity's answer. You can look at your mother, your sister, or simply your lover to see this fact. Apparently, we are talking about dresses and the "knowledge volumes" related to this type of clothing also increase over the years. Today, on the market, the designs and styles of dresses keep updating. If you do not learn well you can easily get lost in that matrix. At Fiorellashop we love fashion. We spend a lot of time letting our souls drift through the colourful outfits, accessories of many brands. However, to be able to access all aspects of women’s dresses is not easy. Here are the things I've summarised. Try reading and see if they blow your mind.

    At Fiorellashop, items always guarantee quality, style, and affordable prices. Sit back with me to learn a little more about the women’s dresses online then visit the Fiorellashop website to grab yourself great products.

    History of Women’s Dresses

    Women’s Dresses are one of the oldest costumes in human history. Of course, they are not as old as the dinosaurs, but you will also "fall over" when you know the appearance of the first dresses. At the time of the first centuries, all over the world, from West to East, men and women were wearing dresses, because at that time there were no pants. It was not until the 3rd century AD that mankind invented the pants, and was used only by wild grassmen on horseback for breeding and hunting. When appearing under Gaulois, the pants were popular among ordinary people. In the early days, dresses were shaped like loincloths made from animal skin or leaves, wrapped around the wearer's belly.

    The first appearance of the women’s dresses

    At the end of the fourteenth century, Western men still wore dresses or robes. Even in a modern civilized country like the United States, it was not until the 19th century that American women began to change their dresses into pants. At this time, British men, especially the North Tweed, were still wearing dresses, sometimes very short. Over time, dresses became costumes for women except in Scotland. The length of the dress represents the supremacy of ladies. The longer the women’s dress, the higher the woman's prestige. Because before the industrial revolution, the textiles were very expensive.Over a long period maintaining the primitive lines, breakthroughs began to appear in the 18th century. The dresses with iron frames to create room became popular. Along with the corset that fits nicely around the upper body, this was a legendary combo. The bigger the dress, the more it was used for special occasions, while the daily apparels were smaller. At that time, the neck of the Dress was deeply cut to reveal a petticoat. Pagoda sleeves, loose sleeves, and loose sleeves with lace or ribbons flared at the wrists appeared around the middle of the eighteenth century. There were several main types of dresses worn during this period. The Watteau gown had a wide and extended back, while the front closed. Robes à la française had a square neck and a deep cut, often with a large ribbon along the front, wide petticoat, and were generously decorated with lots of laces, bows, and flowers. Robes à l’anglais models were more streamlined and had no petticoat, usually came with a longer rear Dress and lace around the neck. These types of Dresses were usually worn with men's redingote-style riding jackets.

    By the 19th century, the Dress was bulkier to press on the slender waist and enlarge the hips of the woman. At the same time, it marked the coup coming from the long Dress. Despite the bulky design, they quickly won the hearts of many women. When individualism came to the throne, women preferred to wear dresses that were shorter and more comfortable to be in. By the 1960s, frock length had gradually become shorter, from ankles to calves and to knees. Inspired by the mini-dresses designed by André Courrèges in 1965, Mary Quant created the most popular garment today - mini-dresses. The mini-dress is a precursor to micro-mini dresses (super short dresses). Super short dresses are often paired with stockings or leggings. Along with the trend of low-waisted fashion, short dresses today are typically worn lower and are favorable for parties, festivals.

    The 20th century came and it was an opportunity for the new women’s dresses online. Entering the 21st century, penetrating dresses began to shape the level of influence on the new fashion followers. Many famous stars appeared on the street or on the red carpet with this type to receive their awards. The peak point was in the period of 2006 - 2008, the piercing women’s dress became the criteria to evaluate the elegance and nobility of the ladies. As the popularity of penetrating dresses grew, especially in Europe, Asian stars also began to bring these extremely sexy dresses to their outfiting culture.

    Types of women’s dresses online

    Over a long period of development, dresses have become as sophisticated as the people who use them. Depending on the material, style as well as the purpose of use, designers create a variety of to cater for the masses of women of all ages with unique characteristics. Keep track of the following list and see how many of you already know. Considered the queen of all types of dresses, princess dresses are one of the typical costumes and often used to exude the nobility and splendor of ladies. Since its inception, princess dresses have always brought great inspiration to designers and fashion lovers. This type of style, as the name implies, is best suited for use in parties, gala dinners. A suitable evening dress will help you become the spotlight of the event. In terms of design, they often have the part from the waist of the woman becoming hugged close to the contours of the body to create a charm for the wearer. So far, women’s dresses online have changed a lot. We now have the shape of a dress down to make it convenient for the wearers. They are typically short to show the full legs of the ladies. A traditional dress with a length that touches the ground, sewn from quality silk is exquisitely expensive and well designed. Most versions cut off the shoulders, leaving the neck and shoulders exposed with sophisticated lines. The typical dresses are usually worn with shawls or sleeveless blouses instead of coats, high-end jewelry, and long gloves. Standard accessories are dancing shoes and clutches. The elegance of princess dresses comes not only from its historical value but also from the materials used to create them. Prominent materials for princess dresses are typically soft such as chiffon, satin, velvet. Creative designers will combine with stones, sequin applique to create more attraction. You may love the luxurious elegance of prom dresses, but when summer comes, do you think those "bulky" dresses still fit? And when the temperature rises, along with the bright sunshine everywhere, maxi dresses become the prominent choice. Promoted during the 1960s by Elizabeth Arden, maxi dresses almost presented in the wardrobe of many girls. They can be used in both normal day time scenarios in summer time or to parties.

    Maxi dresses are garments designed to hug the chest and relax from the waist to the legs. 'Maxi' is an abbreviation of the phrase Maximum in English, which expresses the comfort and population of this type. Usually, the designs press to the length that stretches to the heels. Reasonable length should be 3-5cm higher than the ankle to avoid being dragged on the ground. However, depending on the designer's idea, can be ankle-length or full-legged. In short, the common property of these dresses is the length. It is this that will contribute to giving the ladies’ confidentiality. Dresses have many different types of designs such as strapless maxi, coveralls maxi, shoulder delay maxi, V neck maxi, two-wire maxi, low/high waistband, slender maxi, ripped maxi .... They are extremely diverse. But all of them have one thing in common: the length. Previously, were only suitable for pregnant women or beach ladies. Nowadays, they are gaining a large population from famous stars like Dita Von Teese, Behati Prinsloo, Miley Cyrus, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Miranda Kerr to housewives living in a small town in Tennessee. Most women are very fond of because of its relaxed, elegant, and romantic nature. Usually made from cotton, polyester, or the latest denim along with a system of hundreds and thousands of motifs. They range from plaid, polka dots, floral motifs to designs that use combinations smoothly. This gives buyers more options when they want an outfit that is comfortable and discreet in certain occasions. Today, with improving creativity, styles can turn out to be gorgeous and cute. They can be styled with a leather jacket, denim jacket, a cool brimmed hat and boots to give you that unique and laid back look. Going out partying in this look will give you confidence and make you feel amazing.

    Many different styles of dresses for women

    It seems that the two types of dresses that somehow exploit the charm of women’s curves secretly. We need something new, something innovative and glamorous and were created with that vocation. Also by buying your dresses online, you can save a lot of time and headache so as not to spend time in dressing rooms. They’re easy to try on in the comfort of your own home. Some styles are different like the pencil dress. At the same time, the length of the apparel only reaches the knees or just passes the knees. If you find this type of outfit to be too short, don't worry. In recent years, fashion in the office requires discretion while showing off the dedicated curves. That makes dresses one of the most appropriate items for ladies in the workplace. Not only that, dresses are also suitable for walking around, having fun and also partying. There are many combinations you can use to get the most out of this dress. Just a high-quality pencil dress with matching shirts or T-shirts and pointy shoes will help create the perfect balance for a tasteful outfit. Or if you feel that this style of dress is too serious for you, increase its joy by choosing a textured jacket, mixing with the trendy colorful blocks. The combo will refresh grace of the day. Besides, a dress with a blazer can make you the star of the party.

    A-line dress is a type of stylized in the form of letter A with the waistband and hips very fit to embrace the female body. From there, the dress will spread gradually until the end of the hem. This is what gives women comfort while wearing. A concealed buckle at the hip or behind the buttock will be the optimal solution when designing the A-line dress, making it easy for the ladies to brag their sexy curves. The length of the dress can go freestyle according to the wearer's preference. Be it mini-Dress, midi length below the knee, or even maxi near the ground. It can be said that, along with the Pencil dress, the A-line dress is the most popular and handy design in a women's wardrobe. It seems to harmonize well with various styles. Today, the term "A-line" can describe dresses and coats that have a "similar" appearance.No need to say more about the existence up to this point in the world of women's fashion online. Perhaps along with the pencil dress, it is an indispensable item in every closet.However, to better suit the breath of the times, this design has many variations in details, colors as well as materials. Earlier, A-shape dresses were usually made from rigid khaki material.Today, it is transformed with many different materials including denim, chiffon, silk. Mix and Match forms seem to have no limits on styles and styles: there is no need to follow any recipe because you can completely create your style with A-line dress.

    Mini dresses for a feminine and sexy look

    Mini dresses online are a great way to update your wardrobe and style“Born” quite late but the mini-dresses are considered a symbol of feminism. Why is that and what is so special about these dresses? Mini-dresses are characterized by their short length. Conventionally, a mini-dress only covers up to the knee; some are short to the middle of the thigh, no more than 10cm from the wearer's buttocks. In addition to the development of the fashion industry as well as the change of standards in the criteria for evaluating the beauty, today, the length of mini dresses is even shorter when their coverage only extends to the upper thigh. Many people are quite controversial about aesthetics because they suppose that short is not much different from underwear. It’s meant to make it’s wearer feel sexy and feminine. You will definitely turn eyes in the club or streets while wearing a mini-dress. Perfect for a night out with the girls styled with a small bag and mysterious sunglasses. The materials and motifs of this dress are as diverse as their applications. World-famous designers have created countless variations to make the mini-dress suitable in certain situations. Under the sultry summer sun, choosing a mini-dress with cool cotton material is a clever decision. The pattern of short dresses varies many styles, you can choose with gently pleated layers, with floating layers, denim, faux leather or short in zip form, dynamic wrapShort dresses will make girls confidently stride. And the bare shoulder design is an impressive detail to show off her slender shoulders. Mini-dresses have been opposed for a long time in the fashion world because of the high level of eroticism. However, with the increasingly open view of the community, this type of costume helps to exaggerate the beauty of a woman in the more refined "naked" way from long legs to attractive curves.

    Women’s dress is one type that is suitable for all types of physique.

    They are sleeveless dresses with a comfortable design that loosens from shoulders to the bottom without a waist. Thanks to the comfortable design and richness in materials, women’s dresses are extremely easy to coordinate. This type of outfit has become a favorite item for women around the world. First came to the fashion world in the 1920s, trapeze dresses completely changed the social standards at that time. No longer having to bundle up in princess dresses with bulky designs and matches, women were then able to walk down the street in a more comfortable outfit. Trapeze dresses also completely usurped the trend of corset breast augmentation created on the slim waist at that time. A godly item by the amazing impact they bring to the sight of viewers. Besides, putting it on is a flashlight. And will have more time choosing your shoes and bags to go with your style. It’s a breeze to blend trapeze with sandals, shoes, or even boots as long as they fit the look of the dress. Also, you can combine this kind of dress with coats, belts, t-shirts inside are all. With a trapeze dress, you can go to any occasion including hanging out, working, going to conferences and events. With a variety of materials and designs, you will have countless choices to mix and match. The dress of yonder was all too familiar with the ladies associated with elegance and decent style. Sometimes, that safe choice made their appearance a bit boring. At such times, try changing the wind with a dress with an asymmetrical flare, the style will look different and more impressive than ever. You will feel like you’re walking on a catwalk. An asymmetrical dress is a disproportionate type in the body and is often sewn on soft material. The current outstanding asymmetrical styles: slender designs with straight; definitive cuts bold personality; a-style women’s dresses online with graceful wavy lines; wrap dress styles with long cloths crossing diagonally across the waist. Fancy design with a rebellious part of this dress style will bring a striking and seductive look to those who wear it. Depending on the personality of the wearer, choose an asymmetrical Dress of varying lengths. Girls who like glamorous styles often choose high diagonal Dresses that show off their physical advantages. In contrast, trendy chicks usually choose the form A Dress with moderate asymmetry with wavy details at the end of the hem. There are many different combinations you can refer to. With the "uneven" dress form of dirt cake with soft material, a pair of high heels will be the necessary and sufficient condition to make the girls always elegant and feminine. If you want a bit more complexity in your outfit, you can combine with a jacket or accessories such as bracelets, bags, or watches.

    Pleated dresses to spice up your womanhood or even skater style

    I was very hesitant to put this dress on my list. This is not an "original" dress. It is merely a part of a stylized Dress. However, with the promotion of many influencers and KOLs, this type of costume is hotter than ever. The fancy design of pleated dresses comes from the fact that the pleats will be thoroughly exploited on the body to create beautiful effects of movement. There is no set standard for pleats. They can be big, maybe small depending on the views of each designer. Chiffon fabric or even silk can be used to give the wearer a softness. The waist of the Dress is often designed to form a tight form on the woman's body or integrated with the waist so that the wearer can adjust freely. You can combine pleated Dresses with a variety of costumes. It can be a sleeveless shirt, crop-top shirt, lace blouse shoulder or even just a T-shirt can complete a nice set of clothes for any girl.

    Shirt Dresses to compliment your look and style

    This is probably the most special case of women’s dresses. You can call it a “dress” but at the same time, you can call it a shirt. An oversized shirt, to be more precise. Shirt dress borrowed the details from a men's shirt. The unique feature of this type of outfit is a row of buttons on the front that fixed the flaps of the dress on the wearer's body (there may be one or more buttons). Besides, a shirt dress can include collars, sleeves can be of different lengths and have buttons to fix. Typically, these styles are made up of soft fabrics that can "breathe well" like cotton or silk. Because they are usually cut without seams on the waist, these dresses are usually fitted, often based on the waist to determine the waist. Shirt dresses are the top choices of many women, especially the stylish chicks - individuals who do not want to tie themselves in traditional dresses at all. The advantages of a shirt dress are the comfort and decent look in most conditions. At the same time, they bring a sense of breeze for the ladies in picking an outfit for the day. The dress fit from tall, slender girls to "short mushrooms.". Anyone can be a center in a girls shirt dress. With the novelty as well as uniqueness, shirt dresses quickly became a trend at their initial time. This kind of style is an enthusiastic option for models as well as the fashion trendsetters. It is also an inspiration for fashion designers to create exceptional collections. From the prestigious catwalks to the streets were glimpses of shirt dresses. They have been mixed in many different styles, from rebellious to gentle, from hippy to lovely. The discretion of the dresses is not the only to highlight but also the modern expression they bear. Currently, with the development tastes, designers have released abundant peculiar designs such as sleeveless dress, sleeveless dress, long dress, sleeveless dress, growing the mass of the dress as a whole.

    Circle Dress a dress with true femnine vibe

    The circle Dress is one of the "addictive" fashion styles for women, with never-ending heat. Women love circle Dresses for its romantic and feminine vibe. Circle Dresses are not as fastidious and picky as bodycon dresses because they are designed to highlight a bit of flatter bodies. With the characteristic of hugging at the waist and spreading from the waist or waist down, circle Dresses naturally make the body of every girl strangely balanced. "Shrinking the parts that need small size, stretching the parts that need a big size" is what this extremely simple dress can do and does very well. The circle Dress is not as sexy and luxurious as a Dress, but if you choose to wear dresses with meticulous decorations and a short cut to show off your long legs, it can also be a "weapon with high damage score." Another lovely feature of this type of outfit is that it allows ladies to move easily. Circle Dresses used to make storms in the 50s and 60s of the last century. In the past few years, the magnificent return of the vintage movement (nostalgic fashion in the 70-80s) once again made circle Dresses favorite items for ladies all over the world.

    "Pumpkin-shaped" Dress is a bulging Dress above, cropped at the bottom and the length is above the knees. Depending on the materials, you may wear them to formal events or casual wear. This style of the Dress lets you brag the waist and fits almost any shape. Pumpkin Dresses can transform into many styles from gorgeous, adorable, high-class to youthful. This type of outfit will make the hips look bigger and the legs stand out. However, you should not choose a "pumpkin-shaped" Dress with too many pleats or distracting textures because the Dress itself is outstanding. With a "pumpkin-shaped" Dress, you also need to be careful when combining clothes, just choose classy and simple accessories.

    How to choose the right Women’s Dress for you

    You can see that we can write a dictionary with just a few basics. As I said above, depending on the style, material, and usage, you can know which style suits your body best. However, when you order too many dresses, the choices will hurdle in your mind. Here are the ways to choose that I've summarized.

    1. Choose according to the height of the wearer

    You are a on the shorter side:
    Choose a Dress above the knee: Choose a Dress with a high back at the foot of the Dress spread or hug well and to show off the waist and at the same time, these costumes also help to pull the legs significantly longer. Choose a ripped Dress: A ripped Dress in the front, sides, or back is also very helpful for low girls to show off the max length of their feet. This type of Dress is suitable for women who prefer the sexy style.
    You are the average height: If you are this tall, you are very lucky, there is a variety of dress for you.
    Midi Dress with pencil shape will boost your feet length as its lowest edge is above your knees. You will look higher with more parts of your legs showing off. A-line Dress with knee-length will easily combine with other types of the shirt to create more styles, this dress will make your body look more balanced and complete. At the same time, it also boasts the tenderness a woman is supposed to have. Choose a fishtail Dress: With slightly upper and lower parts, wearing this will make your legs look slimmer, giving viewers a sense of symmetry. This kind of dress guarantees youthful, modern, feminine, and gentle breeze.
    You are the taller: With this envious height, you are eligible for many dresses.
    Midi Dress spread: When you have long legs, a midi Dress spread made from soft fabric will highlight your best features. Short Dress with a simple design: When you choose a simple dress, with a squeeze at the waist, it will show off your long legs, at the same time enhance your elegant physique.

    2. Choose a Dress according to your body shape

    “Hourglass” body
    This is the body with the hips and breasts blooming, the slim waist - the ideal shape that every woman wishes to achieve.To accentuate the waist area and cleverly show off the curve, you should look for a body-hugging Dress, which can press the waist of the waist.As the upper body cut out properly and the lower body is gently swelled, you may choose knitted or lightweight fabric material. The open neckline would be suitable for a more balanced body effect.
    Rectangular body
    Although most girls possess a rectangular shape with balanced shoulders and hips, they generally lack the same curves and three-round measurements.Therefore, you should choose Dresses that have the advantage of emphasizing body curves. The high neckline can highlight the chest and accent details in the abdomen such as belts, ropes. Ruffles can work to evoke the momentum of the physique.
    Pear body
    The pear-shaped body, also known as the triangle shape, is quite popular among women with recognizable features such as the chest, small waist, smooth shoulders but full and round hips.To narrow the hips and expand the shoulders, the cup Dress, the open shoulder is an appropriate choice. Note that you should not choose tight Dresses because it will create a sense of imbalance, even revealing defects. In addition, the Dress wrapped around the chest will increase the feminine beauty for wearers.
    Reverse triangle body
    The inverted triangle shape is also known as a V-shaped body with slim waist.The biggest drawback of her possessing an inverted triangle body is the wide shoulder area. So, an A-Dress or slightly flared Dress will make the body look slimmer and more delicate. Or you can choose dresses with sleeveless dresses but gentle design, wide Dress legs to match the upper body.

    How to preserve Dresses

    It’s already daunting to choose a dress that matches the characteristics of the body. Not only that, sometimes to own the favorite dresses, but we also have to spend a lot of time searching. You may even flip every corner of the store and to find what your money can spend.However, what do you think when the dresses you just wore once or twice sitting in the closet are getting creased and faded? The reason for this is numerous. Probably due to the weather. Maybe it's the way you wash. And maybe it's the way you preserve the dresses.As a fashion avid, I feel heartbreaking to see my fashion items are no longer in their original shapes. And I understand your love for dresses, sisters. This is how we can limit the flaws.

    1. Chiffon fabric

    These are the materials often selected because of their easy-to-find nature, relatively good quality, softness, smoothness, and pretty form. When washing, you should not soak but immediately wash. Squeeze to drain instead of twisting. Use shampoo or shower gel to wash. This will limit color fading. If using a washing machine, remember to put the Dress into a separate laundry bag. For clothes with extra details such as bows, flowers, and laces, turn the Dress upside down before washing. Clothes with wooden pegs or cloth upholstery should be hung as plastic pegs can penetrate the clothes and iron can damage the fabric. When exposed to the sun you should peel off the costume.

    2. Linen

    Linen fabric is a bit rough, hygroscopic, less lint, shrinking when washed. Therefore, this type of material creates a very specific character for the costumes, as well as different styles, personalities for the wearers. Linen will stay more intact and softer when washed with normal water. Washing with hot water or washing machines will reduce the durability of delicate flax. You can dry / iron linen on low heat while the fabric is still damp to help eliminate wrinkles quickly. Shake vigorously a few times during drying. Ideally, do the drying naturally when it’s windy.

    3. Cotton fabric

    Cotton fabric made from cotton yarn, very popular in everyday wear. Keeping this fabric pristine is quite simple. It can be machine or hand washed. Note that when washing, you should turn clothes inside out. Do not wash the different colors together because cotton is very catchy. Do not use bleach or your clothes will shrink. Just use aromatic conditioner, or fabric softener. Cotton dresses should not be washed in hot water that exceeds 40 degrees, hot water can cause the fabric to expand and damage its properties.

    4. Polyester fabric

    This synthetic fabric with light characteristics is elastic and wrinkle-resistant, giving a more natural feel than other types of textile fibers. That said, it’s very long-lasting if stored carefully. To ensure that the material does not crack or fall due to being hooked into the buttons of other items, you should flip inside out before handling it. It is best to wash by hand, can use bleach without chlorine, do not dry clean. Iron at a maximum temperature of 110 Celsius degrees. Preserve the Dresses right in the daily activities affecting the clothes (washing, hanging ...)

    1. Read the instructions carefully before use
    The first thing when buying a women’s dress online is to read the instructions carefully on the label, if you do not follow the instructions on the product label, your clothes will be very quickly damaged. In the era of ready-to-wear fashion developing today, each clothing item has a specific label attached. The above information will give you specific information about the best care regime for beautiful dresses, from the temperature of washing liquid to the methods of drying.
    2. Do not wash too much with water
    One of the tips for keeping dresses fresh when wearing that is not to wash it too many times. It should be cleaned or dry-cleaned, steamed when necessary. Avoid or limit washing with too much water. The overuse of washing water will seriously affect the life of the dress unless your clothes are stained or too dirty.
    3. Mastering some washing theories
    Each wash should be conducted in cool water because this will help keep the durability as well as the dress design. Moreover, most detergents work when used with normal-temperature water. There are many myths about using hot water to wash clothes that will help clean clothes faster. In fact, hot water will reduce the durability of fabrics as well as make them fade faster. Also, pay attention to the amount of detergent, conditioner to use, and if washing, avoid inserting too many items at a time.
    4. Hang up the dress, pants, and Dress in order
    The way of drying, hanging, folding clothes greatly affects the durability of clothes. To be able to keep the shirt, you should understand the material as well as the shape of the costume wall. Dresses should be hung on wooden hangers. Avoid hanging clothes on the office chair or hanging too close together, this will increase the wrinkle of clothing.
    5. Streamlined
    It sounds tedious, but washing separately different types of dresses is also a way to preserve the shape of your Dress. Never wash colors and white clothes together. Unstable dyes can cause stains or turn your pristine white dresses into a porridge color in just one wash. Most colored fabrics contain dyes, some of which are water-soluble and soak-able into white clothes when washing.
    6. Use a mesh laundry bag
    This is the secret for your Dress to avoid problems when using a washing machine such as ruffled feathers, tangled, causing loss, loss of clothes, torn cloth.