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            Womens Hoodies

            Women’s Hoodies online and Everything about it

            Girls have more than a hoodie that they wear them for almost any occasion. But the story behind this garment is pretty interesting. Learn more about women’s hoodies online here. Hoodies are not as humble as its name may suggest. It is more useful than ever today because it can take you from the office to the gym, and from breakfast to dinner. It is also the indisputable option to curl up on the sofa, or the clothes you wear all those hangover days.This sportswear is also gaining prominence in more dignified and dynamic environments. There are already many leading brands that dedicate a whole line to women's hoodies. We here at Fiorellashop specialize on them. Hoodies are not only perfect for rainy days on the couch but can also be integrated as a new fashion statement in many different looks. We'll tell you how you can combine the hoodie super stylish.

            What is a Hoodie?

            A hoodie is a loose-fitting pullover with long sleeves and usually has a hood to cover your head. The primary material of these thick shirts is cotton or cotton and polyester blend. A cotton polyester blend is usually sturdier while full cotton breathes better. This shirt gives the wearer a comfortable feeling, not restrictive, and very suitable for the dynamic, youthful style of many young people.It can be combined with rock, streetwear or just basic wear style. It's one of the most versatile wearables made.There are two popular types of styles. Pullover hoodie is divided into hooded and without. As for the hoodie jacket, there is an additional row of zippers on the front. It is dressed like a regular jacket and also with or without a hood. Typically, the most popular hoodie is the hoodie with a youthful design. It is widely suitable for students, for using on your leisure time, even while working. It’s a comfy attire. If you are observant, you may find this is a variation of the sweater material variation. Women's hoodies are a variation of this type or garment for those who want to look more sporty chic than an office lady. The pattern becomes softer and suitable for women when they want to wear this dynamic style. Women's hoodie has improved elements that are more in line with fashion trends, such as longer when paired with Skinny or Leggings. The extra bag is to carry with your personal belongings. It has many pockets but is still neat and dynamic. It is a color variant suitable for women, such as pink and rose. Color shades are also applied to this dynamic street style. Based on each individuality, the hoodie is mixed with many types of shirts, dresses, or pants. Besides, the accessories or hairstyles attached also make the wearer stand out.

            History of Women’s Hoodies

            In the past, the hoodie was inspired by the costumes of monks. At this time, these hoodie shirts were favoured by the poor in the West. Because it is so thick, it can help them stay warm throughout the winter. It can be said that the original hoodie was so bleak and faded that it was only costumed for church monks and poor peasant class.
            In1930: Modified by designers
            However, it wasn't until the 1930s that these original hoodies were transformed by designers to become a more popular costume.The first hoodie was born by Champion, a garment company. It is worn by pullovers and is commonly used for tournament athletes. Besides, workers working in the factory also prefer this type of shirt to keep warm.From a mediocre shirt, the hoodie becomes a symbol of street style fashion trends. In the 1970s, the hoodie was loved by many hip hop stars, graffiti artists, street dancers, and surfers.
            1980: Officially fashioned catwalks
            Until the 1980s, the hoodie marked a breakthrough: appeared on the professional catwalk in the first collection called Sweatserch Collection. This has changed the fashion view of the set, which is considered too simple.The hoodie is highly applicable because it is suitable for both men and women. Later, it quickly became a symbolic part of American culture thanks to the influence of Hip hop and Streetstyle fashion trends.The hoodie is now one of the indispensable items in fashion collections. It has also become more popular with young people and has always been the most popular item in the chilly weather of winter. The hoodie is simple but highly applicable, which is also why this type of shirt is so popular.

            Hoodie - more than just a cozy shirt

            The hoodie is one of the best fashion inventions ever. Cuddle mode ON! Best of all: we no longer have to hide with the favorite piece of clothing at home on the couch under the covers or simply wear it for sports.The hoodie, or merely a hooded sweater or hoodie, is streetworthy. The advantage of the cozy and sporty companion is its cozy hood, which protects us from wind and weather. But the hoodie is by no means only to be worn in a sporty combination. Fashion girls skillfully combine it with pumps in a chic style break.We are convinced that the hoodie belongs in every wardrobe and has become an absolute fashion all-round talent. Are you not convinced yet? We will not only tell you which hoodies are currently very trendy but also how you can combine the cozy all-rounder.

            Women’s hoodie trends

            The selection of cool hoodies is enormous. We'll tell you which models are top-rated right now and which fashion girls prefer to wear. As a casual dress: We no longer wear hoodies just as hoodies, we convert overlong models into cool dresses. To keep the look elegant, fashion girls combine it with boots or over knees - often made of eye-catching materials such as patent leather. Those who prefer sneakers can spice up the outfit with delicate accessories. Hoodie for a business outfit: To the office with a hoodie? Absolutely! With a blazer, you can now wear your favorite sweater as a business outfit. Another trend: hoodies for tight pencil skirts! Oversized hoodie: The oversized trend is entering the next round: hoodies are now being worn extremely large - with jeans, skirts, and casually with leather leggings. The oversized models look particularly trendy under jeans or leather jackets. Cropped hoodies: In addition to the XXL models, we also wear short-cut hoodies that reveal our waistline. The cropped hoodies look particularly cool with mom jeans, but can also be combined with a skirt. If you like it sporty, wear a body underneath. What defines the hoodie is its hood, whose drawstrings dangle casually. The somewhat elastic waistband on the underside and the sleeves is also a trademark. There are pockets in the shade that are essential for a hooded hoodie. Either two pockets on the right and left, in which we can comfortably put our hands or the so-called kangaroo pocket. These parts are placed on the front of the stomach and which we use temporarily as a pocket. Both are practical details that make the hoodie the garment we love so much. So should you choose a hoodie with or without a zipper? The hoodie is not only available as a pullover, but also as a hooded jacket with a zip. Which model do you like better? Of course, it is up to you. The jacket also has advantages, of course. On the one hand, it offers the possibility to replace our jacket with a cozy piece of clothing. Besides, the onion look works so well - a cool shirt on, a hooded jacket over, and the look is done. The great hooded sweaters also differ in their cut. Some models are cut very wide and long and variants that are worn almost without a belly. One thing in between is the tailored hoodie, which is a little tighter around the waist and ends at the level of the hip. This model is particularly popular because it does not hide the female silhouette and is therefore very suitable for a neutral look without making you look overly sporty or androgynous.

            How to style it?

            We agree that the hoodie is rather sporty, with a few exceptions. But that doesn't mean that the hoodie can only be combined in a sporty way.If you dare, you can create many exciting and varied outfits with the sweater. We have picked out some great styling ideas for you that you can be inspired by. Sporty Spice: If you want to stay true to the sporty line, combine the hoodie with athleisure style trousers (these are road-ready jogging pants) and your favorite sneakers. But jeans can also be worn super sporty with a hoodie and sneakers. With the right jacket, you give your outfit the finishing touch. Regardless of whether it is a denim, leather, or bomber jacket - whatever you like is allowed. If you want to give the sporty style the icing on the cake, you can wear a cool baseball cap with your outfit. Combine a hoodie in a mix of styles Combining hoodies in a style break is very popular, i.e., with other items of clothing that contrast. Chic shoes such as pumps or pointed leather ankle boots are suitable for this. Elegant fabric pants also contrast with the cotton hoodie. On colder days, you can also create a casual break in style with an elegant coat. The look becomes feminine with heels and cool with sneakers. Anyone who thinks that a hoodie cannot be worn in combination with dresses or skirts is wrong. Simply throw the XL hoodie over the flounce dress or midi skirt, cool mules, or other shoes - and the look is done. Combine oversized look hoodie: If you want to wear an oversized hoodie, the basic rule is to wear figure-hugging pants or a skirt underneath. As a result, the proportions appear more harmonious, and the female silhouette is not entirely lost. Only very tall and slim women can wear the allover XL look without being a little more voluminous. But Marlene pants and culottes for the boyfriend hoodie made of cotton look mega cool and stylish, as Jennifer Casimiro from Fashion individual impressively proves. You can rock the hoodie combine: If you like the somewhat rocky style, the hoodie is also ideal for you. Simply combine rough lace-up boots or chucks and a casual leather jacket - and that's rock chic! What accessories do I combine with a hoodie you ask? The right accessories go with every perfect outfit. Due to the hood's mostly very voluminous hood, large statement chains are only of limited use. Large earrings or striking bangles are an ideal counterpart to this. You can also let your imagination run wild with bags. Depending on the direction in which the styling should go, you can combine a chic handle bag or a small micro crossbody bag to form a hoodie.
            The interplay of a slip skirt and hoodie is stylish. Important: put the sweater in the front waistband to ensure a beautiful waist. Combine a loose hoodie with a biker jacket for the perfect shopping outfit. With a pair of skinny jeans, ugly dad sneakers, and a city backpack - you're ready for a long day of shopping. If you want to wear the hoodie in the office, you should use high-quality hoodies in neutral colors. Statement pieces such as metallic shoes or a satin bomber jacket go well with a simple hoodie.
            The combination of XXL hoodie and trousers is taboo - only extensive cuts make your figure look disadvantageous. So, make sure that you wear figure-hugging pants or, for example, a pencil skirt with an oversized hoodie. A washed out or holey sweater can be comfortable in everyday life, but it is not suitable for the office. Tip: Wear a blazer over a slim-fitting hoodie that provides the necessary business vibes. You can use a hoodie as a dress - but if the sweater just goes over the buttocks, it is unsuitable as a dress. Therefore, choose an XXL hoodie that you don't have to keep pumping down.

            How stars and fashionista wear hoodies

            Of course, comfortable sweaters are also trendy among the stars and starlets. We have selected the coolest outfits for you. Blogger Caro Daur shows herself in a sporty outfit during the Fashion Week in Copenhagen, consisting of a red oversize hoodie and wide-cut track pants. Thanks to the white ankle boots and feminine accessories, the look still looks feminine. Stefanie Giesinger is also a fan of the cozy sweater. She wears her bright yellow Balenciaga hoodie with jeans, shorts, and chunky sneakers. Blake Lively shows how cool a change in style can look. She casually throws a gray hooded jacket over the chic glitter dress. The pointed metallic pumps also look great in contrast to the sporty hoodie. Lena Meyer-Landrut also likes to wear a chilled look in private. Whether on a trip or in everyday life, the hooded hoodie is never out of place, both in combination with a skirt or jeans. For a perfect travel look, a baseball cap should, of course, not be missing. Lena likes to choose black chokers as an accessory. We love Lena Gercke for her natural style. But honestly: the beauty could probably also carry a potato sack and would look stunning. She combines a red hoodie with a bandana around her neck, a khaki jacket, and cool aviator glasses. Gigi Hadid proves that a hoodie is not only fashionable but also sexy. An oversized sweater made of cotton can easily be converted into a dress. The suede over the knee boots completes the sexy look. As a streetwear queen, Rihanna has her very own style. She shows that again with this outfit. She combines the neon green hoodie with boyfriend jeans in a used look and white sock boots. An eye-catcher is, of course, not missing: the blue scarf made of artificial fur.

            How to pick a women's hoodie?

            At its first appearance in the world of fashion, the hoodie was quickly relegated to the role of garment dedicated to sports. Its exceptional fit and its covering with light materials made it the ideal garment to practice practically any type of game. However, around the eighties, the hoodie leaped quality, trespassing from the world of sport to make its triumphant entry into the world of young people, as an authentic expression of their informal and easy-going style culture. The success of the hoodie is making it one of the most fashionable garments at the moment, visible on any person in any city. And in fact, it is the garment par excellence of the US-imported street-look. This aspect of the hoodie has not escaped the designers of the numerous brands and fashion houses that today offer different models in their collections, for any season of the year and practically any social occasion.
            Choose according to material
            First of all, to be able to claim to know the world of hoodies, it is necessary to learn to distinguish the authentic hoodie from the many other garments that can have a lot in common with a hoodie. Many sweaters on the market are made of different types of fabric that could be confused with real hoodies. Usually, authentic hoodies are made almost exclusively of more or less heavy cotton, depending on the season in which it is to be worn. Winter hoodies are much thicker than summer hoodies, which are always made of cotton but are much lighter and more breathable. Also, in most cases, the hoodies are equipped with a hood. And even if we have already said, some models do not have it. Whether they have a hood or not, the hoodies start from the neck and reach up to the waist, covering the entire bust, complete with long sleeves that reach up to the wrists in the case of winter hoodies, even if there are also models with half sleeves or even sleeveless. These sleeveless jackets can be worn, in the summer season, directly on the skin or wearing, underneath, a long and short-sleeved shirt. Let's talk now about the type of closure that hoodies have. In cases where the hoodie is made with a single piece of fabric, there is no opening. Alternatively, the more stylish hoodies have zipper or button closures on the front.
            Choose according to different hoodie types
            Although the films have imprinted a particular hoodie model in our collective imagination, fashions and trends have given us a hand, causing the proliferation of numerous hoodie models that can be seen in any clothing store. A variant of the hoodie is the tracksuit, the one that is used when you engage in any sport. These hoodies are sold in combination with trousers, usually made in the same fabric, in the same style, and most cases in the same color, creating a suit that is, precisely, called a tracksuit. This type of clothing was created for sports. Still, it can also be worn on various occasions in everyday life where elegance and formalities are not required, such as walking the dog, going shopping, dedicating yourself to free-time activities. This type of clothing is the workhorse of the brands aimed at younger generations, who create real collections of comfortable and informal clothing, which, in any case, follow the trend of the moment.
            Choose according to occasions
            Now let's try to identify the cover hoodie model that best suits our needs, obviously starting from the intended use. When buying a hoodie, we must keep in mind some details, especially concerning the fabric and style to make a sensible purchase, which you will regret as soon as you get home. For playing sport: If you need a hoodie to practice sports, our advice is to orient yourself on a suit, to also have matching pants, with the same fabric and the same style.For outdoor activities: hooded hoodie models are recommended, in case of sudden rain or shelter from the cold and wind. In addition to this, it would be better to choose a hoodie model with the closure on the front, so that you can quickly undress when you need it, without having to stop the activity you are dedicating yourself. For seasons: On the other hand, if you are looking for a hoodie to be used every day for the most varied leisure activities, any hoodie model will be for you. There are with the hood and without, with the zip or all whole. In this case, the choice must be made according to the season in which you will have to wear it. Obviously, in winter, you will prefer thick, warm models with long sleeves and hood, while for summer, you can also opt for a sleeveless one to wear over a shirt or one of the new models with three-quarter sleeves. For a walks: If you want a hoodie to wear in the evening, perhaps to go to an aperitif with friends or go for a bite in a very casual and informal style, you can choose the particularly glamorous hoodie models at the market. These models are comfortable and practical to wear. At the same time, they are enriched with excellent and chic decorations, made with beads, sequins, embroidery and lace, precious materials, and other types of decoration. Until recently, it was impossible to find applied to a piece of clothing as casual as a hoodie.

            Where can I buy women's hoodie online?

            As it happens now with all other clothing, hoodies are also easily found everywhere, from specialized shops to clothing departments of department stores. And there is something for all tastes and budgets. For many people, leaving home and buying an item is not easy. Instead, they start selling women’s hoodies online and search for things they want to buy, order, and wait to receive their goods. That is the new buying trend of young people around the world. The first shop to refer to for this type of purchase is undoubtedly Fiorellashop. You can browse our website of many clothing styles, perhaps finding unrepeatable opportunities or particularly advantageous offers. They all come with the certainty of an excellent availability of products and the advantage of sometimes much more competitive prices than those found in traditional stores.

            Tips for wearing hoodies

            A women’s hoodie should be worn a little loose. This type of clothing should be chosen well-cut, of beautiful color and above all at the right size. A hoodie can be worn as elegantly as a shirt or a t-shirt, once it is the ideal size. The first rule is never to wear a hoodie too close to the body. To find the ideal size for a sweater, just put it on and think first about the comfort it brings with you. Then check the length of the sleeves and the bust. The envelopes must stop just at the birth of the hand. On the statue, the hoodie can also drop two centimeters below the waist, but no more at the risk of forming annoying folds. For the rest, a hoodie is also chosen according to its cut: with or without zip, hooded or not, etc. When you have a reasonably thin bust, you avoid the loose sweater so as not to highlight its faults too much. For all models, you should always think about trying on before buying. Especially for hoodies with zipping, you will have to try it open and closed to avoid unpleasant surprises. With bulky and heavy sweaters, we often take them to the dry cleaners to take good care of them. However, this will cost you quite a bit if you also apply this method to a hoodie. One more economical way for you is to wash your clothes by hand at home. You can wash your clothes by hand to avoid ruffled garments by following these steps: Step #1: Turn over the hoodie collar and read carefully the instructions on the label affixed to the collar to know the type of hoodie fabric, how much water, temperature, and washing powder are required. Then, you should sort the clothes so that they will not get ruffled during washing because each fabric has different characteristics. You should divide the hoodie by color and type of material before washing.Step #2: Fill the basin with enough water to soak your hoodie. Do not soak the shirt that can quickly fade with other shirts. Step #3: Dissolve the detergent or detergent into the basin, stirring the soap to foam. Step #4: After dissolving the soap into the water, gently rub the hoodie to avoid ruffling. You should refrain from using a brush to rub vigorously as it will cause clothes to become ruffled quickly. Step #5: Rinse clothes with water and then use fabric softener to soak clothes. This will make the clothes softer and full of cool fragrance.Step #6: Gently dry the hoodie and air dry in well-ventilated areas to allow the clothes to air dry. You should avoid drying in places with direct sunlight because it will cause garments to fade quickly. Besides, you should choose a hook with a width that fits the shirt form so as not to damage the shirt shape.
            Wash the hoodie with a washing machine
            With a washing machine, the first sorting steps are the same as for washing by hand. After sorting, you put the hoodie in the washing bucket and drain. Depending on the different fabrics, the temperature of the washing liquid must be changed.Pay attention to the online reference on how to wash each type of fabric. Do not forget to use a conditioner to soften and stabilize the structure of the material. You need to choose a washing machine in slow-motion mode to avoid having the hoodie get ruffled. After washing, dry your clothes in a well-ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight.

            How to distinguish sweatshirts and hoodies?

            Colloquially, a sweatshirt is nothing more than a long-sleeved hoodie. It covers the upper body and arms, just like a hoodie.The textiles that are used generally have the same properties. They are made with the classic French terry or other types of fabric that are either made of cotton, plastics, or other materials depending on the brand, season, and manufacturer. Therefore, there is no distinctive difference between the sweatshirt and hoodie concerning the material used. A classic round neck sweatshirt can be worn either alone or with an additional piece of clothing, such as a shirt or t-shirt. That is different from a hoodie because you should NEVER wear a shirt with a collar underneath: not only it really does not look good, but the hood also simply does not offer space for the collar and waistband. A sweatshirt has no buttons, eyelets, zippers, or other 'trims.' Therefore, it is a simple piece of clothing. A hoodie, on the other hand, not only has a hood as an extra but often also has cords with which the hood can be pulled closer. A classic sportswear hoodie also has the typical “kangaroo pocket” on the front. With a zip hoodie, you will find a zipper on the front so that you can wear it open. In daily life, the hoodie can be worn almost anywhere at any time. It is comfortably at home on the couch, doing things on the go, or doing sports.