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    Womens Jeans

    Women’s Jeans are one of the most popular types of pants to buy online

    There are just as many types of women’s jeans as silhouettes. Experiment with cuts, designs and all-time classics to discover the style that suits you best.A piece of good quality, well-fitting jeans is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re going for a nostalgic, 80’s inspired look or swoon over the richly embroidered fabrics, our collection of women’s jeans have something for everyone. Just like you, we believe a pair of good women’s jeans is a girl’s best friend so we strive to supply you with the trendiest models, as well as all-time classics, made from durable, quality fabrics and outstanding denim that truly makes a difference.Refresh your wardrobe with some of the latest and best in women’s jeans. A good pair of women’s jeans can transform any outfit and give you a sophisticated, classy, elegant or bold look – you choose!Our wide range of women’s jeans includes stapled pieces like the straight leg as well as iconic designer jeans and vintage models. Browse the contemporary cuts and the retro-inspired styles and shop a variety of models for every taste and mood. Enhance your curves with a pair of high-waisted mom jeans or slim your legs with a pair of black skinny jeans; channel your inner diva with retro flares or frayed details, or bring out your wild side with slim fit women’s jeans with frayed details, fringes or embroidery. Find the perfect fit and bring your style up a notch with our women’s jeans collection. Stock up on wardrobe essentials like bootcut, flared and skinny jeans, and add statement pieces like jeans with rips and patches. Choose from high-end women’s jeans brands and create your dream jean team with this year’s trendiest styles and quality fabrics!
    You're a jeans lover and want to know more about it. Explore the history of women's jeans and some exciting things about this item when buying online. Women’s Jeans are one of the most popular types of pants nowadays, made from denim or dungaree cloth. They are now too familiar to all fashion lovers. Believe us or not! When you wear jeans, you always look so cool, sporty yet feminine. You know, jeans appear everywhere, on every street around the world. It can be said these pants are indispensable companions of everyone, especially women. But not everyone knows them well. Let see how jeans come to this world and how to get the right one for your own.

    History of Jeans

    It's hard to find any outfit popular like jeans. Wearers feel comfortable and easy to move when wearing them. They are for everyone and all walks of life. So, where did these pants come from? Who invented this item? In 1848, many people moved to California (America) for gold mining. In 1853, a man named Levi Strauss moved to California in search of fortune, but he did not find gold. Knowing that gold diggers wanted to find pants that were comfortable and durable to fit their works, Levi started his costume business. And he invented the first pair of jeans in the world. Until now, Levi is known for the "father" of jeans. Then, Levi improved his products by using a softer material - denim fabric, so that the wearers can feel more comfortable. He started dyeing the denim in blue, and the legendary blue jeans were born. However, a pair of jeans was more complete when Jacob W. Davis used copper rivets to make the item more durable. Jacob was a tailor from Reno, Nevada, and he was Levi's customer. Many diggers said that jeans' pockets were easy to tear or fall off. He made them stronger by utilizing rivets at the places where the item ripped the most. In 1872, Jacob wrote to Levi Strauss and suggested cooperation. On May 20th, 1873, they received a patent for jeans and using copper rivets on pockets and flies. Then, they opened a big factory and manufactured jeans.

    The development of jeans

    From 1873-1920
    After the cooperation, Levi and Jacob began to produce many new models of jeans. And modern pants started to be formed from original designs, such as adding pockets in the front and back, small riveted watch pockets with rivets, and so on. Specifically, in 1901, they added the back left pocket to their 501 models. During this period, jeans were the most popular and sturdy trousers and worn by workers, diggers, farmers, as well as cattlemen.
    From 1930 -1960
    Initially, jeans were considered men's outfits. But in the 1920s, the struggle for women's rights in the USA became higher and higher. Everything that men can do, women can do. So, in 1934, Levi Strauss created the first women's jeans. That's the reason why jeans became increasingly popular, and both men and women across the USA wore these pants. During World War II, US soldiers also wore jeans as they are durable and comfortable to wear. Some of them also utilized these pants when they were off duty. By the 1960s, Levi added zippers down the front in both models for men and women. Then, different jeans brands appeared and competed with Levi's Jeans.
    From 1960 - 2000
    During this period, TV programs started becoming popular. Many American cowboy movies and rock and roll bands played essential parts to make jeans more famous. Jeans were a hot trend among the young. Gradually, these trousers also spread through countries in the Wes and turned into daily wear.
    From 2000 - now
    Jeans are trendy these days. From the mid-age to children, everyone can wear jeans as a fashionable item. These trousers are made of high-quality material and come from different famous brands. They also appear with new models year by year to meet the higher demands of wearers. Today an array of countries in Asia also produce these trousers. Customers can purchase jeans from offline stores or using online shopping malls. With a smartphone, you can find and buy any beautiful jeans you want.

    How they make a pair of jeans

    Let's have a look at the step by step detail of the jeans pant manufacturing process. Dyeing the fabric As we said earlier, traditional jeans are blue. Hence, the designer has to dye the fabric to a blue color before making jeans. How to dye? In the past, people utilized natural indigo dye to color the material. But now, most denim is dyed to a blue hue by using synthetic indigo. Every year, thousands of factories around the world produce approximately 20 thousand tons of indigo for this purpose. For each pair of jeans, it only requires a few grams of the synthetic indigo. Often, pieces of cloth are dipped in the dye mixture several times. That explains why blue jeans fade after washing. Some say that designers also use a small amount of sulfur to stabilize the cloth shade. Today, jeans are designed and created with multiple colors, including dark shades. Hence, designers also use other dyes. Besides denim, they make use of cotton material to make these trendy trousers. After the dyeing process, these pieces of cloth are moved to another department for the final look. CuttingRemember that the model is made before cutting. It means that the designer will draw patterns on denim fabric before the cutting starts. What about the length and thickness of the pants? It depends on the requirement of the models and order. Once patterns have done, cutting machines will cut the fabric into small pieces. Often, a pair of blue jeans includes about ten pieces, excluding rivets or zippers. Stitching these small piecesOn the next manufacturing step, workers will move these cut pieces of denim fabric to the stitching department. If the order requires embroidery or printing, these pieces will be moved to the printing department before stitching. Then, start stitching blue jeans by utilizing cotton or polyester threads. Today, most of these steps are done by machines operated by people that help save a lot of time. Washing jeans This process has two main steps, including dry and wet washing processes. In the dry process, the before wash effects like sandblasting, pintuck effects, etc. are done. After that, move to the wet (adding pumice stone, chemicals, and acid washing) process. This is one of the essential stages in creating trendy jeans models for young people. Then recheck the quality and finish.

    Popular Types of Women's Jeans

    Over hundreds of years, jeans pants have become as beautiful and trendy as the people who use them. Depending on your preferences, the purpose of use, and the style, you can get the most comfortable and fantastic item. In this part, we will focus on the masses of women's jeans for all ages and characteristics. Let's smash it down.
    1. Skinny jeans:
    Lost in the world of jeans, you may feel slightly overwhelmed because there are different names and types of these trousers.What are the skinny jeans? Some say that this type of jeans helps flatter the wearer. They sculpt to the shape of your leg and are much tighter fit around your hip. Jeans pants are often narrower than other types. Skinny jeans are designed to make wearers feel comfortable as well, but they do restrict your movement. Wearing jeans in the summer, you will not feel hot and uncomfortable any more. Women's skinny jeans give a more sophisticated look. During over a decade, skinny jeans appear everywhere, from the catwalk to the street. It is also one of the most favorite items of celebs.You can mix this item with any style, flattering your long legs. For example, mix skinny jeans with a T-shirt, this perfect couple gives you a comfortable feeling yet fashionable and a little bit naughty.
    2. Boot cut jeans:
    Have you ever tried wearing women's boot cut jeans? Now's the time to add this item to your wardrobe. Many say that it is a throwback style, but it is not out of date.It even gives you a trendy look. Just like skinny jeans, these trousers appear everywhere for good reasons. It is suitable for daily wear and a flattering style for someone's figure. Nowadays, many online stores and websites show the images of products for customers to choose from.For instance, visit Fiorella Shop website, type "boot cut jeans" on the searching box, there is a wide array of products that you can consider.This item is usually fitted at the wearers' knees and has a subtle flared effect at the bottom. In fact, these trousers are created to create an illusion, balancing the leg's proportions, and creating a new look. Once you have worn a pair of jeans, there are multiple styling options. Besides wearing them with boots, you may go with any high-heeled shoes to achieve a polished weekday look.Sometimes, you can combine them with sandals or sneakers for laid-back and sporty style.
    3. Camo jeans
    Look at camo jeans images, it makes you think about the item for soldiers. But now, they are no longer utilized for the military.Today, you can find them in many boutiques and on influencers' Instagram. No matter what your style is and what this season is, you can rock these pants. Camo jeans are so soft and comfortable, and the fit is so perfect. Whether you are young or middle-aged, you can wear this item. It helps enhance older women's figures, make them look slim and sleek all day.They have more elasticity and are more form-fitting yet extremely comfortable. The straight legs are not tight at all, which are very nice if you combine with boots or heels.One more strong point of these pants is that they do not wrinkle as you wear them.Combine camo jeans with a beautiful blouse or sweater, and we believe that you will get compliments all day on them. They're great with long boots too. Are you ready to get these trousers?
    4. High waisted jeans
    You are looking for a suitable pair of jeans that can flatter your physique. Ladies are seeking an item that can mix & match with different styles.High waisted jeans are a great option. Not only make the legs look longer and slimmer, but they also make you look so attractive and sexy. Why does this product become one of the most favorite items for women? They have many benefits: wearing these trousers accentuates your waistline and elongates the length, as well.These jeans might work well for all. For example, if you are a petite girl, try wearing high waisted jeans. This pair will not let you down as it makes your butt look good.When you put them on, there are enough stretch and shape to create a great silhouette when you stand up. In some cases, your job requires you to move.Let's choose this stuff as now it is often made with a four-way stretch, which is lightweight and comfortable to move without stretching out.
    5. Ripped jeans
    You want to toughen up your jeans collection. Do you want to try something wild and personal?Add ripped jeans to your wardrobe now. Come in a range of colors, cuts, and fits, ripped jeans can help you achieve all your outfit goals. Utilize these trousers if you want to get something that is bold.From smaller tears to full knee slashes, you can wear them as casual outfits. However, your granny may not approve, don't wear it if you have a plan to visit her.Usually, women's ripped jeans match well with your blouse, shirts, sweaters, tank tops, and so on. Super cute, sexy, and yet still conservative, it is all you are looking for. These pants are the best styles for a busy weekend. Some say that ripped jeans were simply a result of over-wearing, it might be right in the past.Before, it was hard to find a pair of ripped jeans in stores. But in the early 2010s, this stuff appeared and became a hot trend until now.They are a favorite style of the young. If you prefer to create your own rips, you can do it yourself. Purchase a pair of jeans with no tears and rips, then design them as you want.
    6. Slim fit jeans
    Slim fit jeans are a great product of women's styles that are close-fitting through the hip and thigh. If you like simple but stylish, select this pair of pants.They are slim in the waist, it is a huge plus. They are so wearable, and you can wear it with snugger waisted shirts to get a great shape. We commit that they are not pinching. Besides, slim-fit jeans are flexible. It means that you can wear it on work, go camping, or dating. It works for all occasions and events.You may notice that many Hollywood stars also fall in love with this item. They appear in front of the camera and also contribute to making jeans more popular.Women's slim-fit jeans are designed to contour the wearer's hip and thigh. Are you worried about the quality of a pair of jeans when buying online?From the classic slim fits to petite styles, you can quickly get your perfect trousers at Fiorella Shop. By purchasing jeans products from us, you are supported to get the best pick at affordable prices.
    7. Boyfriend jeans
    What do you know about these pants? Is it for men or women? Are they suitable for me? Tons of questions appear when you want to buy new jeans?The boyfriend jeans have been a preferred item of many fashion followers and stars, including icons like Marilyn Monroe, Katie Holmes, and more. Boyfriend jeans offer wearers a slouchy and relaxed fit. It originated and developed from the first blue jeans designed in 1873.Over time, people cut and restyle it on a variety of cuts to suit women's figures. Do you know that the blonde bombshell Marylin Monroe began the boyfriend jeans craze first?She wore loose-fitting jeans that are in contrast to her feminine appearance. It created more attractive and masculine beauty.Then this type of jeans soon became popular and was seen on stars, such as Katie Holme, Jessica Parker, etc.Nowadays, jeans are being updated, sleeker, slimmer, and more tapered versions, but they are still relaxed and chic.
    8. Straight leg jeans
    As the name sounds, this type of jeans has a unanimous leg width running down to the bottom. In other words, this pair of trousers tend to feel somewhat snugger in the wearer's thigh. It is a classic style.Many say they often confuse straight leg jeans with skinny jeans because their shapes are quite similar. But it is easy to differentiate them.Skinny jeans usually taper towards the bottom, but the straight leg ones don't, they still have an even leg width throughout. These trousers give a comfortable feeling and classic fit. What's trendy this year? The straight leg is a favorite cut for women's jeans today. They are not as snug, but still slim. And more important, they are never out of date. If you want to be comfortable but yet stylish, opt for this type of jeans.The high-quality fabric is stretchy and light enough to be comfortable while still being good quality. They are a great length for wearing with flats or sneakers and still fit by the end of the day without stretching out.Whether you are an hourglass body or a pear-shaped body, you can utilize these good pairs of jeans. We are sure that they surpass your expectations and are super slimming.
    9. Flare jeans
    Women's flare jeans are a retro style. Unlike typical skinny jeans and straight leg jeans, these trousers have flared bottoms. They appeared over years and are on-trend now.Flare jeans look good on all ladies as they create a slimming and lengthening look. Many stylists and fashion insiders also love these cuts since they run the gamut of rises and styles. For example, high waisted flare jeans are created to offer comfort and a flair look.These beautiful cuts and styles move with you and give good looks anywhere you go, whether you are at the office or go out with friends.They are stretchy enough to keep up with your busy day and make you feel good after a day of wear.Are you ready to use these jeans to refresh your style? We love to see flare jeans with a shirt or blouse, it is so sophisticated.

    How to Choose Jeans for Your Body Type

    Because jeans are so popular, there are multiple cuts and styles on the market now. Shopping for a good pair may be an overwhelming exercise. If you are confused by all the options out there, keep reading our guide to getting the most flattering items for every body type. Before buying pants, you should know about your body type and find out which cuts and styles suit you best. Once you have got the basics, you can easily shop for the best jeans.
    Women's jeans for an hourglass bodyWhat is the hourglass body? What is the hourglass body? People say that the hourglass body is among the sexiest body types. Girls with an hourglass body have a full bust, curvy shape with the lower half, and a slim waist. If you possess this body type, opt for a boot cut or flare jeans. When putting boot cut jeans on, they fit your thighs perfectly and gradually flare out to wider hems beginning at the knees. The bottoms appear wider, balancing out your hips while the snugger fit up top. Perfect! These pants help show off and flatter your beautiful figure. There are tons of cuts and styles specially designed to fit your hourglass body type. Some come with curve-conscious styles in different colors, including features such as contour waistbands and sturdy stitching. Designers also add plenty of stretch in these pants to show off women's body lines and sexy curves. Bear in mind that don't buy cuts without stretching because they look so raw. If you love skinny jeans, you can utilize them. But you should purchase a style that is slim fitting rather than too skin-tight.
    Pants for a plus size body
    What is plus body size? Women whose bodies are larger than ordinary people find it challenging to choose the perfect clothing. Sometimes they feel self-conscious about their bodies. Can women with a plus body size wear jeans? Why not? Jeans are now designed and re-styled to be suitable for all. Perfect trousers work to balance your large hips and behind, as well as extend the legs look. We love a pair of straight leg jeans on you. Most notably, it skims over your body lines without squashing your legs. This for-fitting cut of pants helps to balance hips and thighs, providing an overall slenderizing effect. What to avoid if you are a plus-size body? Keep an eye on the pant length as cropped styles can make the legs look shorter and stumpy. You need to purchase trousers that skim the floor, giving your legs a long and slim look. Never wear high-waisted jeans, it may accentuate your belly fat. Classic and mid-rise jeans for women are the best for you.
    Jeans for a pear shape body
    Should or should not wear jeans if you are a pear shape figure? In fact, women with this body type look great in jeans as they help elongate the legs and offer a slim fit. You are a small build above the waist and full through the hips to thighs, jeans are a perfect choice. These cuts will create a long and continuous line, providing a sleeker and slimmer fit. Go down on the Internet, browse to online stores and websites to get some traditional cuts with wider legs, a broad waistband, and back pockets. They are easy to style for work, go out with friends, or for casual wear. Or straight leg jeans may be another good option for people with a pear body. They are designed to have a slim silhouette so that you will look skinnier. Opt for darker shade jeans instead of lighter jeans if you are full through the hips and thighs. Dark shades create an illusion, making something look smaller than usual. Don't forget back pocket size. Select jeans with large and plain back pockets because this helps to balance the proportions and give you more coverage for the most flattering effect.
    Women's jeans for tall body
    Which jeans can work to flatter your tall body? Today, designers create many trousers with longer inseams (up to 36 inches) for the taller ladies. You should buy boot cut jeans or straight leg jeans to show off your body's strength. These favorite denim cuts work to skim over your legs without being too tight, offering a comfortable feeling. Additionally, they bring attention to the long legs. Also, select mid-rise or low-rise jeans so that they add a flattering to your hips and further lengthen legs. These products are made with a stretch denim material that will serve you all of your busy days. What about ripped jeans? Besides the longer inseams, ripped jeans may work to hug your shape, show off, and flatter your fabulous legs. Note: Leggy women should stay away from super skinny and boyfriend styles and cuts. Overall, pay attention to the length of the pants if you are a stall body.
    Denim styles for a petite body type
    You feel self-conscious because you are short. You think that jeans are not for you because you are a petite body. But don't worry. Perfect denim cuts and styles for women elongate the legs, offering you a longer and taller look. In this situation, a pair of straight leg jeans are a great option. They come with a long and vertical line, which elongates your curve lower half. To get the best result, you should choose a darker shade product. Don't wear items like baggy styles since your petite frame may get lost in these styles. Spend time getting beautiful jeans that fit you snugly. Pair your cuts with high heels or flats, which balances proportions. Look for small details on jeans like stitching or flaps on the back pockets to make your backside look bigger and curvier. Because you are a petite body type, avoid wearing skinny jeans and other styles that are tapered your hems. Besides, do stay away from cropped jeans that are cut at your ankle or above. Moreover, avoid your jeans dragging on the ground because they will make your leg look shorter.
    Jeans for an athletic figure
    You have narrow hips and an overall muscular build, we commit that most types of jeans will work on your body type. For instance, if you have a longer torso and shorter legs, go for a pair of high waisted jeans since they give the illusion of overall curves. Boot cut and flare jeans also suit your body, which adds curves to your figure while skinny jeans work to reshape and show off your legs and rear section.
    Cuts for women with broad shoulders and tapered hips
    Sisters with wide shoulders and smaller hips and thighs can wear boyfriend jeans. This body type is a classic inverted triangle shape; hence, these boyfriend jeans work to make you look more stylish and chic. These jeans will balance out your silhouette by adding a little bulk to your lower half while still providing comfort.

    As we all know, jeans tend to fade over time, whether your pants are blue or black. Primarily if you use a washing machine, it will fasten the process. So how to keep your denim last longer? Please trust us on this one. Follow some tips below to minimize damage and keep your favorite pair looking great. Wear jeans gently. Jeans have a noticeable advantage, they are durable and stand up to heavy use. However, if you want to preserve your favorite pants from stretching out and ripping, please treat it as gently as possible. Be gentle to keep their original shapes. Wearing a pair of jeans, you should not do yoga or any activities that may stretch them out. Spot clean to avoid fading. Instead of washing jeans with water, you can use a damp or wet cloth to remove stains on jeans. Or make use of an old toothbrush with mild soap to clean small stains on the pair. This technique is easy and straightforward to do. Limit laundry with water and chemicals will help keep your favorite pants looking great. Before laundering your pants, you avoid keeping them folded along a sharp crease. Jeans can lose some of the colors along the crease, and it looks a little silly. Soak your pair of jeans with vinegar. We all know that denim cuts are very durable, but they are quickly fading. Water itself and soap will work to get rid of stains on these trousers, but also wash away the denim's dye. So our goal is to keep these pants in the original color. What should you do? Have you ever heard about soaking jeans in cold water and vinegar? Instead of washing your item, you just add one cup of white vinegar to a cold water bath, mix them up, and soak them for about an hour. Remember not to rub the trousers. Once the time is up, you hang or lay jeans flat to dry. Don't worry about the odor of vinegar as it will disappear when your jeans dry entirely. Experts state that this technique helps lock in the dye's color and keep your clothing clean. Add a teaspoon of salt when washing. What should I do when my dark jeans bleed when washing? You try adding a teaspoon of salt in a bucket of water, then soak jeans on it, and get a good result. Like vinegar, salt also helps seal the dye in your trousers and prevent them from fading too much. Never use bleach. We believe that everyone knows this rule, but it is still worth mentioning. Bleach is a harsh and powerful chemical; hence, you should avoid using it. It will strip the dye away from the denim, causing permanent damage, and you cannot reuse your jeans. Bear in mind that avoid the use of all bleach or bleach-related products when laundering your favorite pants. Hang your jeans outside. Like washing machines, dryers also cause some threat to your favorite items. High temperatures and harsh chemicals are enemies of denim fabric. They make your pair shrink, leading to tearing and unnecessary wear. Hang your jeans outdoors if it is a nice day and let them air dry. These pants will fade less when you hang it up to dry. If you are in a hurry, utilize a dryer at the lowest heat setting possible. Keep in mind that the higher the heat setting, the more likely your jeans to be damaged. Freeze your jeans. Right after purchasing your jeans, don't wash them. Put your pants in a zipper bag and stick it in the freezer for hours, at least four hours. This technique helps eliminate odors and bacteria from denim. Also, it can protect your pants from fading quickly. Invest in soap smart. Blue jeans are the most preferred items for both men and women. To have a blue hue, designers have to use natural and synthetic indigo dye to color the fabric. However, harsh soaps will wash away the color quickly. Hence, opt for the right detergent to maintain your jeans as long as possible. There are many products designed smart and concentrated, so you don't need to apply too much. Remember to wash your clothes with cold water to clean and keep their colors. Limit wearing a belt. Opt for an appropriate size of jeans so that you can wear them without utilizing a belt. Wearing jeans with a belt frequently tends to wear out your pants at the loops and around your waist. It shortens the life of your jeans. If you can, only wear your jeans on their own. Wash your pants less frequently. No need to wash jeans too frequently, they should be washed after four or five wears. Some users assume that denim pants - like all clothes- should be cleaned and washed after each wear. But laundering them every day is the main reason causing fading and stretching jeans. Please wash them properly, wash them inside out to reduce the friction. Easy, peasy! Keeping jeans is no easy task if you know how to minimize damage. We know sometimes it's just necessary to give a pair of jeans a good clean, but don't overdo it. And please treat it gently so you can reuse them many times.

    A pair of jeans that fits and flatters will totally change the look of your outfit. It even helps wearers feel more confident. Don't spend your time and money on low-quality products, come to FiorellaShop, and buy the top-notch women's jeans. Regarding jeans, we also supply new styles of women's clothing, such as hoodies, T-shirts, streetwear, and so on. For detailed information about each type, kindly reach us via our hotline or browse our website to get supported. If you feel interested in jeans or any type of pants, don't hesitate to drop us a line at any time to get our instant support. We are online 24/7 and always more than happy to be of service! After reading this article, we hope that you have a deep insight into the types of jeans and how to get the perfect jeans for your figure. And before closing this tab, don't forget to take a look at our online store and product lines to see what exciting things await!